change log

Sql2o 1.4.1 released

22 apr 2014 Lars Aaberg

- Fixed statement-leak #113

When using autoClose feature, statements was never explicitly closed. Discovered by Alden Quimby

Sql2o 1.4.0 released

31 mar 2014 Lars Aaberg

- Performance testing against other frameworks #54

Guess who won! Check out the result here Mainly contributed by Alden Quimby

- Added executeAndFetchTableLazy method #49

Contributed by Alden Quimby

- Made Connection class AutoClosable #51

Contributed by Lars Aaberg

- Made it possible to run multiple statements on the same Connection instance #52

On damn time! Contributed by Lars Aaberg

- Added ability to return keys from a batch #57

Contributed by Alden Quimby

- …And some generel bug fixing.

Full list of fixed issues in this version

Sql2o 1.3.0 released

10 feb 2014 Lars Aaberg

- Make joda time dependency optional #47

For those of you who doesn’t use jodatime. Contributed by Alden Quimby

- executeAndFetch method can fallback to use executeScalar methods#46

executeAndFetch and executeAndFetchFirst methods can fallback to use executeScalar and executeScalarList methods. This makes the api easier to use. Contributed by Alden Quimby

- Moved to maven central repository for hosting #44

On damn time! Contributed by Lars Aaberg

- added executeAndFetchLazy(Class) method #42

Using the executeAndFetchLazy(Class) method greatly improves performance on large datasets. Check out the documentation here Contributed by Alden Quimby

- Custom enum converter #39

It is now possible to add a custom enum converter. For use when you want to change default behavior of the enum converter. Contributed by Alden Quimby

- Make Slf4j dependeny optional #37

If Slf4j is not in class path, sql2o will log directly to System.err. Contributed by Lars Aaberg

A special thanks to Alden Quimby, who has done most of the work for this release.

Sql2o 1.2.1 released

21 jan 2014 Lars Aaberg

- Bug fix #41

when using the Query.addParameter(String, Date) method, IBM DB2 jdbc driver would throw an exception when column is ‘date’ datatype
Fixed by Lars Aaberg

Sql2o 1.2.0 released

14 jan 2014 Lars Aaberg

- Auto mapping of field names with underscore. #33

As of version 1.2.0, a database column with name “field_name”, will automatically be mapped to a java property with name “fieldName”.
Contributed by Ryan Carlson

- getObject() method now has an overload that uses a registered converter. #32

MyModel value = query.getObject(“colname”, MyModel.class);
contributed by Lars Aaberg

- Changed setColumnMappings(Map) method public instead of private. And changed the method to return the Query instance, to support chaining. #23

contributed by kaliy

- New LocalTime converter. #22

contributed by Lars Aaberg

- Added JNDI support #21

Contributed by Manuel de la Peña

- Added Query.bind(Object bean) method #20

String sql = “insert into mytable(co1, col2, col3) values (:prop1, :prop2, prop3)”;
If we have a POJO with properties prop1, prop2 and prop3, we can call:
Contributed by Juan Noriega

- Added new UUID converter #17

Contributed by Tomasz Kubacki

- Support for when inserting into blobs #15

Contributed by rwozniak

… And a lot of bugs has been fixed!

Thanks for all the contributions. You guys are amazing!

I will try to get the documentation updated with the new features soon. Help is greatly appreciated.


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